How to Choose Candle Colors for Spells & Spiritual Work

How to Choose Candle Colors for Spells & Spiritual Work

When it comes to spiritual and magickal work, the colors of your candles can be just as important as the intention you set. After all, each color has its own vibrational energy that can help (or hinder) your goal. So how do you know which color to choose for your spell or ritual?

different color candles for magic and spell casting

What do you want your spiritual work to achieve?

When engaging in spiritual work and spellcasting, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. Knowing what you desire before beginning this process is the best way to focus your energy and ensure that your spells will be as effective as possible. Take time to think about realistic outcomes and have a plan for manifestation.

Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, you can carve out the details of how each step of your plan should be taken to reach your goals without allowing yourself to become overwhelmed or lost. Remember, if your intention is strong enough, all things are possible.

lighting candle for candle magic ritual

Choose colors that match your intention

Color has an incredible ability to evoke emotion and can often be used to signify important aspects of our lives. Using colors that correspond to our intentions is a great way to visualize and manifest positive energy. White can symbolize purity; green is associated with growth; blue evokes calmness; yellow reflects positivity; and purple stands for power and mystery.

Taking a few moments to select colors intentionally can help create an uplifting environment or mood in either a physical or mental space. At the very least, being mindful of the hues we bring into our lives can help us stay connected to our goals and let us remember our motivations to continue making progress.

Candle Magick Color Guide


White 9-inch Jumbo Pillar Candle

White is often considered a symbol of purity and new beginnings, making it an ideal color to use in rituals of healing, spiritual growth, and starting over. White candles are also frequently featured in lunar and goddess workings and church services. The reason for the latter is that white has long been viewed as a sacred hue connecting us to prayer, remembrance, or devotion. When a certain candle color isn’t within reach, white may be used to substitute, as it represents all colors combined as one.


Black Candle

Black is a powerful color with a long history in magick and spellcasting. Its association with protection and banishing negativity makes it the perfect tool to clear away bad energy and start anew. Using a black candle can effectively absorb negative energies, give your mental clarity, or mark the end of a difficult chapter in your life. This deep color invokes feelings of restfulness and deep-rooted strength, the ideal foundation to build your future upon.


Red Candle

Red is a powerful color in spells, as it helps you not only draw upon the energy of passion and strength but also banish any negativity from the previous situation. Red candles are ideal when making space for new love, invigorating power, and increased vitality. When using a red candle for your spellwork, it is best to do so in conjunction with a black candle: the black candle should be burned first to rid the space of negativity, and then the red can be used to attract fresh energies afterward.


Orange Candle

The color orange is a staple of ambition and creativity. It is often used to bring these qualities to the forefront, preferring its strength and vibrance over any other hue. Orange candles are perfect in career workings, as they signify the determination and zeal needed to make progress. They also tap into our identity, reminding us that asserting our personal power can be life-changing – regardless of what our profession or goals ahead might be. Conversely, orange candles can also be employed when one needs a reminder of self-love; we ought to remember that unity with our innermost selves and embracing our individuality will carry far more weight than any external success ever could.


Yellow Candle

Yellow is a powerful and versatile color for spellwork. Often associated with the element of air, yellow can be used to increase focus, intuition, and clear communication in relationships. Burning a yellow candle within your spellcraft encourages success in academic endeavors or artistic pursuits. It is also a great tool for business spells when you need fresh ideas and renewed inspiration. Why not give yellow a try the next time you engage in magickal workings?


Green Candle

The strong, vibrant color of green has been traditionally associated with money magick in many cultures. When used as part of a magickal working, green helps to invoke abundance and draw good fortune. The same uplifting effects carry over when used in spells relating to healing and health, both physical and mental. Even further yet, when connected to Nature energy during an invocation or blessing, the power of green is unparalleled in drawing good luck into your life. From drawing financial prosperity to promoting a greater connection with Mother Earth, the beautiful color of green can bring forth tremendous blessings.


Blue Candle

Blue is a powerful color that invokes the spiritual properties of water. It brings an energy associated with peace, patience, and healing emotional trauma. Using a blue candle is often recommended in spells and rituals focused on achieving truth, justice, or emotional well-being. Furthermore, blue candles can assist in awakening one’s psychic mind, cleaning the paths toward gaining higher consciousness and understanding. Blue brings its own unique power to bring us closer to our spiritual truths.


Purple Candle

A color with a long-standing tradition, the color purple has been an integral part of many ancient cultures. Commonly associated with mystery, magick, and psychic matters, purple has been used in rituals for centuries. There are many ways in which this amazing hue is incorporated into magickal practices, such as divination, astral travel, and strengthening one’s connection to unseen realms. Assigning its spiritual purpose aside, purple has had a long-standing association with royalty due to its rarity during ancient times. This illustrious nature makes it the perfect hue when performing magick related to wishes, ambition, and power or authority. The vibrant and divine hue of purple holds a special place among those knowledgeable in magick – making it even more impressive than its regal appeal.


Pink Candle

The color pink is associated with strong emotional connections, offering peace and comfort in difficult times. Instilling feelings of contentment and joy, pink is a hue that is often used to manifest love and romantic feelings. If you wish to grow closer to yourself or attract the love of another, burning a pink candle can help set the tone for compassion, self-love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Its reassuring characteristics can provide comfort during challenging moments. The meditative power of pink in ritual practice should never be underestimated.


Brown Candle

Brown is a truly fascinating color that holds incredible spiritual significance. As one of the most Earth-like colors on the spectrum, brown is a natural anchor and balancer to have in your life. Strong brown energy brings stability, security, and understanding—three core values when building trust in any relationship. Furthermore, many Witches invoke the power of brown when engaging in manifestation magick and connecting to the realms of animals and Nature. Bearing all this in mind, it’s easy to see why this color has resonated with many cultures throughout history as a symbol of endurance and timelessness.

    Select a candle size based on how long you want the spell to last

    candle magic anointing oil

    Anoint the candles with oil and say a prayer or affirmation over them

    Candle rituals are an ancient and powerful part of many spiritual traditions. Anointing the candles with oil creates a deeper connection to the candle’s energy, enhancing its purpose when lit.

    Before lighting them, choose an uplifting prayer or affirmation that aligns with your intention for the candle. As you recite it, focus on envisioning the desired result or outcome you wish to manifest.

    This small act of connecting through ritual can allow us to tap into an unseen source of power and cast positive energies out into the universe.

    holding candle with intention

    Visualize your goal as you light the candles

    Focusing on a goal is an important part of achieving it. Lighting candles can be a helpful way to visualize and focus on the desired result. By lighting the candles, you can bring a calm feeling into your space that helps to quiet negative thoughts or worries as you focus your energy on your intentions.

    Channeling energy into the flame of each candle, imagine that light moving to fill your entire space with intention until all are lit and burning brightly. Then, as you watch them burn down and gradually flicker out one by one, know that each candle is dedicated to carrying your goals forward.

    Even when the candles are finished burning, keep focused on the visualization of what you want– and remember that the power of intention grows stronger with each passing day!

    candle magic prayer intention

    Candle magick is a simple but effective form of spellwork. By following the steps above, you can create a powerful and customized spell that is perfect for your needs. Remember to choose your colors, elements, and candle size with intention, and let the candles burn until they are completely finished. With focused visualization and sincere prayer or affirmation, you will be well on your way to achieving your goal.

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