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In this Age of Aquarius the Tarot cards are enjoying a revival of interest, well deserved. The first known cards are dated 1390 A.D., but it is probable that their origin dates back much earlier. The mystery of their origin and the esoteric symbols have intrigued man through the centuries. Today we can find new meaning in the old symbols, applicable to our lives.

Man has always been interested in the mysteries of his unconscious and the future; whether consciously or not, he has always strived toward the light of transcendent life. The cards, in the universal language of symbols, explore man’s collective unconscious and its bearing on one’s personal life and growth. A proper reading of the cards can help one gain perspective on personal questions and reorder the priorities in his life. Whether the cards help one to know oneself better or point one in a new direction, they add a new dimension to one’s experience of life.

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