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Most people have the desire to choose the right relationship; want to know what might evolve next and how to prepare for it; and share the ultimate need to know the truth about the meaning and direction of their lives. Those who have discovered the Tarot as a means of exploring life’s questions find continued comfort and solace in the knowledge that there is a positive and eternal force that works for the benefit of all.

Although the origin of the Tarot is unknown, there is evidence of its existence in antiquity. The earliest known cards date from 1390 A.D. Prior to this time, scholars believe the Tarot to have been handed from generation to generation by an elite few who carefully preserved the mystical symbols, signs, letters, and numbers.

The Tarot’s popularity, however, did not flourish until after the turn of this century with the emergence of the Rider-Waite deck and the interpretations of the ancient symbols by authorities such as arthur edward Waite and Paul Foster Case. The morgan-Greer Tarot was the first modern deck based upon the combined research of these two leaders in the field.

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