White Sage Tarot Deck


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Self-described by artist Theresa Hutch as a “modern, minimalist” tarot, the simple imagery of theĀ White Sage Tarot is not as sparse as those found in some decks that embrace a minimalist aesthetic. Nonetheless, those seeking cards packed with symbolic minutiae best look elsewhere. For the rest, Hutch’s images are pleasing and emotionally evocative, their meanings clear to anyone familiar with the discipline. The deck’s title arises from the association of sage with the ritual cleansing practice of “smudging”. Sage sticks feature throughout, arranged and decorated in various ways throughout most of the minor arcana pips. The major arcana and court cards are dominated by totem animals, many of whom carry or hang from sticks of the titular sage. The accompanying booklet also encourages using the deck for chakra work.

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